Migrating devices to Microsoft Intune - IDOT

We specialize in Microsoft 365 adoption. We have developed our own unique Intune migration tool – IDOT (Intune Device Onboarding Tool) to make it as easy as possible for you to migrate your mobile devices from your existing MDM/UEM management system to Microsoft Intune. The self-service concept makes device migration user-friendly and saves your IT time and effort.

Migrating devices to Microsoft Intune - IDOT
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    Convenience for users

    IDOT intuitively guides the user through logging out of the original MDM to logging in to Microsoft Intune. All texts in the guide can be easily customised and fully localised.

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    Saving time and work

    The entire device migration process is self-service and fully automated. IDOT minimizes the need for administrator assistance and individual setup of each device.

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    Absolute control

    A set of dashboards with all relevant information and trends is available to administrators, allowing them to estimate the length of migration and identify problematic devices. If necessary, you can force the latest migration time.

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    For all platforms

    Both iOS and Android devices can be migrated to Microsoft Intune from various on-premises and cloud versions of MDM/UEM. We also support migration between different Microsoft 365 tenants – merging Intune with another Intune environment.


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Migrating devices to Microsoft Intune – IDOT

Our services

  • We will design the optimal migration strategy and deploy our own IDOT tool that makes migration significantly easier and puts you in complete control.
  • The entire migration process is designed to be self-service and user-driven.
  • In the tool, you choose a suitable migration time and a simple wizard guides you through the entire process. You won’t lose company data at the worst possible moment, as you would in an admin-controlled migration.
  • We will provide you with a set of dashboards and reports where you can monitor the progress of the migration in real time.

IDOT consists of the following components:

  • Apps for iOS and Android, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • REST API service and administrative portal in the form of a hosted service (SaaS). Alternatively, you can deploy this part to your Microsoft Azure environment.

We support the following scenarios:

  • Migration of MobileIron/Ivanti to Intune
  • Migrating VMware Workspace ONE to Intune
  • Intune to Intune (merger of two Intune tenants)

Migrating devices from an existing MDM to Microsoft Intune is an administratively and time consuming process with a direct impact on end users. Our consultancy services will help you design the optimal migration strategy. Thanks to the IDOT – Intune Device Onboarding Tool, you will then be in full control of the migration.

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