Secure Skype4Business on mobile devices and laptops 

SkypeShield (SphereShield) is an outstanding solution which will ensure that can securely connect to Skype4Business company servers from all types of mobile devices or laptops.

If you’re running Skype for Business on your own servers, then surely you must have a good reason to do that, especially in terms of security. But it’s also important to keep in mind that Skype for Business servers are accessed not only from the company’s internal network but also from the Internet. And from many different types of mobile devices.

A standard connection to Skype for Business servers from unsecured mobile devices comes with a significant risk of loss of confidential information. SkypeShield servers will secure connections from all types of mobile devices and will only allow communication for authorized parties. A comfortable and secure meeting can thus take place regardless of where its participants are – at home, in a hotel or at an airport.

Main functions of SkypeShield:

  • Primary mobile platforms: smartphones, laptops, tablets
  • Proprietary Reverse Proxies – a scalable and secure reverse proxy for the publication of Skype for Business on the Internet; can also be integrated into existing network solutions
  • Connection to MDM/EMM servers – SkypeShield can easily be connected to mobile device management servers such as MobileIron or AirWatch
  • Two-factor authentication – access to Skype for Business servers is firmly linked to a specific mobile device
  • Login with Smart cards – a solution for companies whose security policies require the use of Smart cards.
  • Authentication via an RSA token – two-factor authentication via an RSA token eliminating the use of Active Directory login data
  • Active Directory protection – SkypeShield allows the definition of specific login data and their separation from Active Directory services. This significantly reduces risk in case of theft of a mobile device
  • Edge Access Control – ensures a safe connection to Skype for Business servers from laptops outside of the company network.
  • Skype for Business via VPN – adds another layer of communication encryption without the need to setup anything on the side of the user and without any negative impact on service quality.
  • EWS protection – protection for Exchange Web Services (EWS). This prevents the locking of the user account and restricts access to the EWS only for registered devices.
  • Prevention against the consequences of a DDoS attack – prevents the annoying disabling of a user account due to a Denial-of-Service (DoS and DDoS) attack or due to a brute-force attack against Skype for Business servers.
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SkypeShield architecture

We’ll help you implement SkypeShield. We’re a certified partner of SkypeShield and we can provide the design, license, implementation and subsequent support.