Development of tailor-made applications

We create applications which improve the working environment

Development of tailor-made applications

We create customized applications to meet the customer’s demands. Our applications speed up the administrative processes of companies and in doing so they improve the working environment.

We create applications which improve the working environment.

We transform the wishes and ideas of our customers into software. High-quality and inspired graphics give our applications a special flair as well as a unique touch. Our ideas will help you speed up your working processes, simplify procedures and make your work more pleasant.

Do you have a problem at your company that you don’t know how to solve?

None of the standard software or downloadable applications seem to do the trick? Or do you have trouble precisely defining how the solution should actually work? No problem – that’s why we’re here!

An application designed precisely to meet your needs is guaranteed to help.

We’ll take care of all the essentials, from the initial analysis up to the final customer support tailored to the completed product. Our team of experienced programmers can fulfil all your wishes – we’ll prepare a mobile, web application, software or database, all according to your needs. And furthermore – everything can be customized, changed and amended on the fly.

We like our job and use “normal language” to communicate with our customers. We regularly consult throughout the whole development process and adapt to new needs that arise, for instance because they were overlooked in the initial design phase or simply because they were hard to predict.

Our satisfied customers are proof of the quality of our work. For instance:

Rostislav Kuřítka, senior IT specialist of Macco Organiques s.r.o. – our collaboration with System4u is in its fifth year and we are very satisfied with their services. Among others, we needed several new applications for our internal needs. System4u programmers immediately understood what we needed and designed the applications based on our precise specifications. This included an application for data integration from several internal information systems in order to export documents for certificates that we attach to our products. We’re very satisfied with the collaboration. It’s good to have System4u behind us; we know that they won’t leave us in a tight spot, even when a problem occurs outside of working hours. System4u serves as an extra layer on top of our IT department, one that we can contact whenever we have specific needs. Their solutions increase the efficiency of our working processes and over time we have been simplifying our internal administration.


We’ve also provided the company with a Electro World web application for the management of leases of equipment to customers during the warranty period and also a mobile app for leased equipment which can inform leaseholders on the state of a complaint, thus increasing the efficiency of the lease process.

We prepared a customer Billa application to evaluate the company’s service and product quality.

We prepared an PricewaterhouseCooppers application that serves as an extra layer atop the technology used to handle bulk administration and securing of mobile devices.

We prepared Czech Police an internal application for monitoring of downloaded data.


…and many others. You too can contact us and help us resolve your requirements – you will be satisfied with what you get.



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