We’ll safely and reliably implement Skype4Business into your company as well as provide customer support.

Everyone knows how Skype communication works. For businesses, it often represents a tool which not only saves money and time but is also strategically significant. And a failed online meeting could in fact be quite a problem – with problems including lost connections or low-quality video or audio. In those situations, it’s often difficult to stay focused and keep your thoughts together during an important online meeting.

Do you want to have reliable Skype communication without disruptive defects and (perhaps most importantly) securely – without uninvited guests?


The System4 solution:

  • Skype running on the customer’s servers
  • Skype as part of the Office365 bundle
  • Support for the solution, 2nd as well as 1st level helpdesk
  • Access to Skype from mobile devices

Skype4Business running on the customer servers (on-premise)

For demanding customers, we offer the implementation of Skype4Business on the customer servers or on dedicated hosted servers. Both the Standard and Enterprise versions are available with the following functions. Furthermore, we can integrate Skype into a telephone exchange or install servers in high availability mode.

Skype4Business Standard offers:

  • Chat
  • VOIP
  • Video

In addition, Skype4Business Enterprise offers:

  • Persistent Chat Server for Persistent Chat Rooms
  • Desktop and Application sharing
  • Meeting recording
  • Presentation mode

Inclusion of Skype4Business in Office365

We will secure a transition to Office365 services, their integration with present IT infrastructure and subsequent support.

Support for Skype4Business

Thanks to its massive userbase and everyday use, Skype4Business became a critical application for many companies. Our support centre always offers support services which match the specific needs of our customers:

Type of support

  • User-level support (1st level) or support for local admins (2nd level)
  • The use of local admins or the complete management of Skype and related systems
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on customer needs
  • Support on workdays, 24/7/365 or custom-tailored.


Keep Skype4Business secure also on mobile devices.

SkypeShield – security for Skype4Business on mobile devices