A unique platform for managing Apple devices. Designed specifically for Mac, iPhone, iPad or AppleTV

With the Jamf platform, you can quickly configure all Apple devices across the company – install apps on them, secure sensitive company information, enforce access via passcodes or encryption, and lock or wipe devices at any time. All this remotely and with a few clicks of the mouse.

A clear platform in which you remotely set up, protect and monitor the status of Apple devices.

For greater convenience, employees log in to all applications and devices with one login and password.

Jamf sends security alerts in real time, analyzes activity, blocks access.

Zero Trust approach completely replaces VPN technology, but it is simpler, safer and more convenient.

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Easily manage hundreds of devices

You manage all Apple devices in your company from one admin console. The environment is clear and intuitive, all adjustments are reflected in end devices within a few seconds.

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Tuned specifically for Apple

The Jamf platform is developed specifically for Apple devices – it is well aware of threats specific to MacBooks and iPhones, as well as macOS and iOS systems. It recognizes them in time, draws attention to them and solves them.

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Advanced protection for users, devices and applications

Jamf detects even the most sophisticated attacks, including attempts at zero-day phishing, command and control communications or cryptojacking. Thanks to the Zero Trust policy, the user’s connection is always secure.

Jamf for Apple

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