Ivanti MobileIron

An invisible but impregnable fortress. For the reliable security of corporate data

MobileIron creates an invisible wall on a mobile device that separates company data from private data. Your business data is always stored in a safe place.

Your employees can work from both corporate and private mobile devices of every brand and operating system.

All company data is stored in a secure company space – that employees cannot work with in private.

If an employee downloads a malicious application, MobileIron deletes the company data on the phone and blocks access to the company network.

You can control hundreds of mobile devices in your business from a single administrative console.

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Easy access to all the applications you need

Business e-mail, web applications, documents… it depends on what you upload to your mobile device’s business space. The employee can then work from their mobile device with the same efficiency as if they were sitting at the computer.

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Precisely-defined user rights

There are clearly defined rules for using applications and documents in MobileIron. The system constantly monitors the rights to use the application for a given employee. And the data is protected not only on the device itself, but also on its way back to the corporate network.

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Absolute privacy for employees

Your employees can easily work from their own phones, knowing that they have a clearly arranged private and work tasks with the confidence that you do not see their personal information.

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We’re the highest implementer of this technology in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – Iron Partner – and we’d be happy to introduce it to you. You can also test it without any obligations before deploying the technology.

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