Okta Identity Management

Okta Identity Management - Identity management both for workforce and customers

Verified and  Authorized user identity is a key point for secure access to  your applications and  give. Okta cloud solution  Identity  Platform is the leader on  Identity systems market and  Access Management, Multifactor Authentication a  SIngle Sign-On.

Administrators are provided with enhanced tools to manage, automate and protect user identities.

Both emploees and customers can securely log in to applications with one Single Sign-On procedure.

All systems and data are protected from attacks and unauthorized access..

Robust platform, designed for all types of customers and  organizations.

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One login to all systems and apps

Okta Identity Platform provides single SSO login to  all applications, v  combination with  Adaptive MFA (Multifactor authentication) technology even without a password. You can use any of  many supported authentication factors, such as the Okta Verify mobile app, Google Authenticator, SMS, email, automated calling, and  next.

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All identities in one management console.

Directory service Universal Directory allows to have a single consoliodated identities from many different sources. You need to merge identities from  Active Directory, LDAP server or other cloud services? It’s a toy for the Okta platform.

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Easy management of all account types.

Workforce Identity allows you to manage and secure your staff accounts. Customer Identity is designed for an efficient account management of your customers and business partners.

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Automated user account provisioning

Lifecycle Management provides account creation in connected systems and allows to manage user and group rights from a single management console. Okta performs all  needed tasks in all integrated systems. For example when onboarding or offboarding an emploee or a user, or even if the job position changes, Okta will create, delete or modify a user automatically, including license assignment or removal. Such in Office365. Okta also supports easy integration with many HR systems.

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The widest range of built-in integrations on the market.

Okta Integration Network offers countless already integrated integrations. If your application in  the prepared list was still missing, you can get it yourself easily and  add quickly. Just to  supported modern authentication methods (SAML / OIDC).

Okta - Workforce Identity Cloud Overview and Customer Identity Cloud Solutions

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