The safest platform for Android devices. Developed specifically for Samsung phones and tablets

Samsung Knox is an impregnable platform for advanced data protection and privacy for users of Samsung business phones and tablets. It also allows you to set details such as the screen background or the opening jingle.

An impregnable security platform that they integrate with Samsung during the production of mobile phones and tablets.

Perfect protection for employees and company data from intrusion, malware and other threats.

The easy-to-use console allows you to remotely configure, activate, manage, secure and update thousands of devices at once.

Samsung Knox easily connects with existing corporate IT systems.

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Invisible but even more effective data protection

Samsung Knox does not limit your users at all – they can work wherever they want and have access to everything you set up. But business data remains secure, and the IT department keeps all mobile devices under control.

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Incredibly simple to manage thousands of devices

With Samsung Knox, you can control hundreds and thousands of mobile devices at once. You don’t even have to unpack them from the box – just hand them out to your employees. After the first activation, an automated process starts and the IT department manages everything remotely from a single administration console.

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Set them up exactly as you like

A uniform homepage with the company logo on all company phones? A uniform opening jingle after switching on the phone? With Samsung Knox Configure, you can customize your phones just the way you need them.


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Samsung Knox

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