Together with People in Need, we help people to become debt-free

Imagine that after paying rent, you have only around two thousand Crowns left for food, transport and other expenses. A horrible thought, isn’t it? But for roughly a million people this is an everyday reality. That’s how many Czechs are in a debt trap.

In order to give them at least some relief, we began to contribute for the operation of the People in Need organization’s debt advice center.

Debt advisors help people to:

  1. Contact the creditor and arrange a repayment calendar.
  2. Fight against unfair conduct by bailiffs and companies offering loans.
  3. Arrange the institute of debt relief.
  4. Consolidate or stop repossessions, if they are based on invalid arbitration findings.

Distraint consolidation is one of the most effective ways of helping. For example, Peter from Prague failed to pay fines to the transport company, for which he was issued with 12 distraint orders. Thanks to the fact that People in Need managed to consolidate the distraints into one, Peter only had to pay the costs of the distraint proceedings once, rather than twelve times. As a result, his debt decreased from 100 thousand to 20 thousand crowns.

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