We’ll handle your corporate IT while you concentrate on your business

Faster processes, simpler administration and a more pleasant environment. A well-designed corporate IT infrastructure will move your work environment to a higher level.

Thanks to digital transformation, your work will be more efficient and your employees happier. And, what’s more, you’ll save money on expensive IT equipment.

Proof? We’re managing Grinex’s entire IT infrastructure. We regularly back up data, people can work any time and from anywhere thanks to cloud, and the company now purchases program licences only according to the current number of users. Thanks to this, it pays less for IT than ever before.

What exactly will we help you with?

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IT management

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Cloud services

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Microsoft 365


3 reasons why you should entrust your corporate IT to us

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We’ll take care of your corporate IT

Cloud services, computers, mobiles, printers and the internet. We’ll advise you, and set everything up so that your digital office works exactly according to your expectations. What’s more, thanks to virtualization, you’ll save money on expensive hardware. When everything fits nicely together, everyone works better.

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Your corporate data will be secure

You can have your corporate data on your server, or on cloud. Or both simultaneously. In any case, we’ll look after its security (we’re verified by the ISO 27001 security certification), and we back up the data regularly. We’ll arrange for you to have access to the data any time, and from anywhere.

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We’ll assist you with software

Operating systems, Microsoft 365 office packages, specialised programs and applications. We’ll help you choose systems which we’ll put into operation and set up according to your requirements. If any of the programs starts to give you problems, just pick up the phone and we’ll resolve everything immediately. We’re here for you 24/7.

What do customers whom we’ve already helped with IT say?

IDOT (Intune Device Onboarding Tool) from System4u

The IDOT saved IT technicians in a large manufacturing company a lot of work.

GRINEX Advisory, s. r. o.

The accounting firm GRINEX Advisory, s.r.o. is working remotely thanks to comprehensive IT support

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