Thanks to cloud, you can finally work any time and from anywhere.

Why should you be fixed to a work computer when you can work from home, on a train, or from a mobile or tablet. Switching to cloud has never been easier – because we’ll handle it for you. With us, you don’t have to look for a provider, negotiate conditions, set up access applications or resolve data security and backup. We’ll do it for you – whether you need one program on cloud, or the entire company.

What do we offer within the scope of cloud management?

Business application hosting

Want to have your ERP on cloud? Or CRM? We’ll take care of it.

Corporate e-mail account hosting

We’ll arrange for you to have access to your e-mail account on the train, or in your cottage.

Virtual machine rental

Is cloud an unnecessary luxury for you? Then VPS is more accessible here.

Rental of e-commerce operating environments

An e-shop completely on cloud has lots of advantages. We’ll show them to you.

3 reasons why you should entrust cloud services to us

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We’ll take care of everything for you

Looking for a provider, bargaining about price, document migration, access settings, data security and backup… we admit that there are worries connected with cloud. But you don’t have to resolve them, because we’ll handle them for you.

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You’ll save money

We were operating in the field of cloud services at a time when nobody else in the Czech Republic was offering them. We have the market mapped out, and we’ll quickly find out which solution will be most advantageous for you.

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We’ll provide support

Whether you need regular consultations, or training for your employees, we’ll take care of it. We have a 24/7 customer line, and the relationships with our clients span years – sometimes even decades.

Want to switch to cloud without any worries?

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