In just a few days all your employees can work from mobile devices.

And you won’t have to spend a minute of work on it. We’ll buy them, put them into operation and set up tens, hundreds and thousands of mobile phones and tablets for you. The employees just unpack them from the boxes, turn them on and everything just simply works.

It can take weeks to set up each device manually. If you leave it to us, it will be ready in a few days.

We have the tools to set up the mobile devices before they physically come to us. We have a dedicated team of people who, after delivery, unpack, charge and commission all phones and tablets.

We’ve prepared 500 mobile devices in less than a week for one client. Plus, we can take care of the entire mobile life cycle – and we’ll do the same for you.

Set up and distribution


Purchase or rent, records


Consultation and selecting a device


User support


Recycling or disposing of devices


3 reasons why you should entrust us with the commissioning of your mobile devices.

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We are much more efficient

It would take weeks for your IT department to put hundreds of new phones or tablets into operation – we can do it in just a few days thanks to our technology and established processes.

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We'll save you the trouble

Since we check and commission all devices before you, you can be sure that functional devices arrive at your business and we’ll handle all warranty claims for you.

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We’ll work out everything with you

We cover the front and back side of the device with your logo, set your introductory jingle or logo after turning on the device or develop a custom application – whatever you want.

See how the mobile device life cycle works

Do you need to start working quickly and easily?

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