We’ll help your business use mobile devices more efficiently for work,

from the purchase of mobile devices, through the selection of optimal technology for their management and security to the training of all employees.

As the only company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we’ll deploy any of the technologies for managing mobile devices for you.

We are the only Czech member of the world alliance GEMA, we manage over 100,000 mobile devices for our clients and we’d be happy to deploy any of the leading MDM technologies for you. We’re the only ones who deploy Samsung Knox in the Czech Republic, we are the top partner for MobileIron, and VMware awarded us Partner of the Year in the field of Digital Workspace. So you can be sure you’re in good hands with us.

Which devices do you need to gain control over?

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Android mobile phones or tablets

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Mobile phones or tablets with iOS

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3 reasons why switching to a mobile device pays off.

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Increased work efficiency

Replying to an email or forwarding documents will no longer depend on whether your employee is currently in the office. For example, truck drivers can send documentation as soon as they unload goods at the other end of Europe.

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Fast return on investment

Even if every employee saves only 10 minutes of downtime per day thanks to the ability to work on a mobile device, the investment in technology will be returned in months.

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Satisfied employees

A corporate iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S is something everyone will enjoy. Other people will be happy to carry their own phone to work. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming increasingly popular in the world.

We understand mobile device management technologies:

These clients could say something about it…

CEE Logistics

Thanks to the mobile application, the company can easily obtain documents from their drivers on the road.


DECATHLON has saved a lot of work by switching to mobile phones. For store employees and IT technicians.

IDOT (Intune Device Onboarding Tool) from System4u

The IDOT saved IT technicians in a large manufacturing company a lot of work.

The sooner we start together, the faster it will pay off for you