Why is it often more convenient to lease a device?

The first step in acquiring mobile devices for a company is to select suitable devices that meet the requirements of the company and employees – the end users. We’ve described this step in detail in our previous article.

The next step is purchasing your mobile device. However, you need to consider whether leasing would be more convenient for you. Operating leasing of mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular nowadays – and there are several reasons why.

Lower expenses

If you’re purchasing mobile devices for thousands of employees, it will cost millions, maybe tens of millions of Crowns. When renting, you pay an incomparably lower amount every month. You can minimize your initial investment (usually within 12 to 48 months) and you won’t need to take out a loan or jeopardize your cash flow.

At the end of the lease, you can buy the equipment for a fraction of the price, or return it and lease a new one. This method is interesting especially when it comes to the flagship iPhone or Samsung mobiles, because every two years, for example, you get the most powerful device on the market without paying anything extra.

Add to this the cost savings associated with operating the equipment (storage, erasing the data, selling it, warranty claims or disposing of it). When using operating leasing, these costs are taken over by the intermediary. For example, a replacement device is often offered to you until the warranty claim is resolved.

Insurance is included in the price

Operating leasing also includes all-risk insurance, which covers theft and damage to mobile devices due to natural disasters or even if it falls from the table, for example. The excess payable is zero and the insurance claim is settled by the supplier. In addition, the extended warranty covers all manufacturing defects during the term of the lease.

Less paperwork

You only sign the handover document for an operating lease for each new device covered in the contract. In addition, when working with us, you will receive clear on-line leasing records for quick access to information on all mobile devices leased – including serial numbers, device locations or rental rates. You can download the data as an Excel file or in the CSV format.

Operating leasing now even allows you to arrange an annual budget from which you gradually draw on products and additional services in any combination. This gives you the confidence that your employees will never be without a device, and you have complete control over your hardware costs.

We don’t offer operating leasing for mobile devices at System4u, but we’d be happy to arrange it for you. We know the market exceptionally well and have great relationships with companies that offer operating leasing. As a result, we’ll provide you with more favourable conditions than if you were looking for leasing on your own. Consultations on selecting the equipment and lending from us are free of charge.

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