10. 3. 2024

At the end of January 2024, critical security vulnerabilities were identified in the Pulse Secure software.

See how the IT support and monitoring team at System4 solved this problem.

21. 11. 2023

The Network and Information Security 2 (NIS2) is an EU directive on network and information security.

28. 6. 2023

Many companies already have it as part of their Microsoft 365 license, but most of them don’t use it.

16. 9. 2021

Office 365 tools (email, contacts, calendar, data sharing) are Microsoft’s core cloud tools and the main reason to start using the services Microsoft 365.

15. 9. 2021

Something different for the employee and the employer, the link is safety and labour saving.

14. 9. 2021

Although the general public may still perceive Microsoft 365 as just a cloud-based Outlook, Word and Excel, in reality the entire ecosystem is much more advanced and includes many more applications.

13. 9. 2021

As a set of cloud services for businesses, Microsoft 365 places extreme emphasis on the security of data, devices, network and users.