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10. 12. 2021

The partnership between System4u and Samsung is long-standing. We have involved another partner, Smarty, in our joint activities.

24. 11. 2021

Customers from Western Europe are better at using technology for their everyday work, we are very conservative when it comes to digitalisation. And Europe is running away from us, says Martin Koláček, co-owner of System4U.

10. 11. 2021

With the rise of cloud services such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, some businesses are concerned about whether their data is actually safe on “foreign” servers.

15. 10. 2021

Administrators and operators of information systems, which are crucial for the functioning of the state and the security of its citizens, will have to secure their e-mail boxes.

23. 9. 2021

Windows 365, also referred to as Cloud PC, makes a virtualized desktop environment (VDI) available to any business.

16. 9. 2021

Office 365 tools (email, contacts, calendar, data sharing) are Microsoft’s core cloud tools and the main reason to start using the services Microsoft 365.

15. 9. 2021

Something different for the employee and the employer, the link is safety and labour saving.

14. 9. 2021

Although the general public may still perceive Microsoft 365 as just a cloud-based Outlook, Word and Excel, in reality the entire ecosystem is much more advanced and includes many more applications.