What do we mean by a digital work environment?

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15. 9. 2021

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What do we mean by a digital work environment?

Digital Workspace by System4u:

For employees, a digital work environment means, above all, comfortable and efficient work:

  • possibility to work from multiple locations (office, field, workshop, home, etc.),
  • possibility to work from different devices (phone, tablet, notebook, PC),
  • seamless access to work applications and documents,
  • easy login to all work data without having to repeatedly enter complex passwords,
  • sharing documents between colleagues or business partners,
  • online communication between employees and people outside your organisation.

For employers, a digital work environment is all about the functioning and security of everything employees need to do their jobs:

  • storing corporate data and applications in the cloud, whether on a public or private cloud,
  • linking appropriate cloud technologies and tools,
  • Avoiding the never-ending hassle of owning servers to datacenters,
  • remote management and security of all employee devices (phones, laptops, PCs, rugged devices, etc.)
  • securing corporate data and unifying access to it,
  • impeccable functionality and interconnection of all IT and other work processes,
  • providing IT support to staff in case of problems or new requirements.

We have such a digital working environment at System4 and we provide such a digital working environment to our customers.

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